We want to cultivate relationships with the classic concept of a dinner party or cocktail soiree. We will not compromise on flavour and high vitality whole foods. We want to allow hosts and guests to reconnect and indulge the senses without the fuss of organising.


Olá! We are João and Rochelle. A husband and wife duo who adore food and sharing the pleasure of it with the people around us. João is a Portuguese Chef and Mixologist and I (Rochelle) am a Kiwi Designer. After a combination of 5 years amongst the London arts, food and beverage scene. A lifetime in Portuguese cuisine, a splash of New York mixology and 24 traveled countries - On Board Kitchen has landed in New Zealand.

We offer a range of experiences. With a degustations or grazing bites our chef/mixologist will cook for your intimate event, on location with organic & whole food ingredients. Or a mixology event will involve a range of bespoke cocktails to try. Then we have our beautiful grazing boxes and grazing boards displayed on our macrocarpa slabs, with the best in cheese, charcuterie and antipasto selections.

We met working at an organic grocery shop in London. We would bond over creating incredible grazing boards from wasted produce and products from the shop (see image below). We share a love of nature, whole food grazing and connecting with people. These common interests have grown into the passionate On Board Kitchen we have today. We like to stay true to nature as much as we can, play with flavours, presentation, and ambiance. We invite you to get On Board and join the story.

When we first met João would create grazing feasts out of the wasted produce from the Organic Grocery we worked at.

When we first met João would create grazing feasts out of the wasted produce from the Organic Grocery we worked at.


João in his element.

João in his element.



We both have strong backgrounds in whole-food cuisine. João has cooked since he can remember. Being raised on a farm in the Algarve countryside and southern coast of Portugal, he has always had a close relationship with nature. His dad Afonso is a genius when it comes to cooking up a classic Portuguese grilled feast. His secret? Wearing no shirt. João learnt from the best in charcoal grilling and hearty farm to table meals. Nothing 'fake' was ever consumed. It was sardines from the local fisherman, pork from their pigs down the road, fresh produce picked that day and warm bread from the local baker. Moving to London opened Joãos' world of food and drinks, the rest is history.

My secret? Wearing no shirt.
— Afonso

Joao’s dad Afonso, showing us how to grill Sardines the Portuguese way.



I've grown up with vegetable gardens. Mum would cook us a delicious meal and be sure to remind us that "these beans were growing half an hour ago". We ate fresh every day and caught our own fish from the pacific ocean - respecting our quantities to not deplete our treasures. Food is our medicine and our time to connect as a family. My grandparents have a rule to 'celebrate everything', and that is what we have always done. Any excuse to share food and drinks together - we take it. Organising and creating fun gatherings is in my blood and a massive passion of mine! Traveling through Asia and Europe, then living in London gave me access to some of the most creative, ways to eat and connect. I was either marketing for an organic cafe and co-ordinating food and wine events. Or creative assistant to Michelin Chef and owner of The Drunken Butler - Yuma Hashemi.



Food is as much about the mood, theatre and presentation, as it is about taste and nutrition. João and I notice when we go out for a drink or to eat - if the establishment is there just to make money, or for the love of it. You can feel the love in the mood. Mood is a mysterious atmosphere that can make or break your experience. Over years of celebrations, events, pop-ups and dining - João and I have a great recipe for switching the right atmosphere on.




Our top 4 values are quality food for pleasure and nourishment. Respect and synergy with the environment. Experiences for growth and joy, and finally - connection with people.

One thing humans will never stop doing - is consuming food and drinks. One thing humans need to stop doing is consuming food and drinks unconsciously. We should know what we are eating and how these choices affect our environment and bodies. The simple fact that too much sugar and food chemicals can rot your own limbs - should be enough to know that what we eat is who we become. And that's a decision we need to make each day. On Board Kitchen focuses on small portions - organic and in season where we can. With loads of herbs from our local farmers. Keeping waste minimal and using sustainable practices.

We work with organic farms, sustainable butchers, artisan bakers and local fish mongers. Buying local is not only supporting your community, but getting real products.

Eat the real thing, or don’t eat it at all
— The chef