We are so proud to connect with conscious businesses and people who share in our vision. We try our best to work with top quality products, whilst working towards a more acceptable environment. The below are a list of our suppliers and ultimately our extended On Board Kitchen family. We are always happy to expand these connections when the philosophy is aligned.


Naturally Organic

Supplying cheap conventional produce and meat is easy. Supplying organic products is not so easy. Neil and Karen have worked so hard over the last decade to bring the best New Zealand organic produce to our local supermarket - Naturally Organic. We are so grateful to work with this vibrant company. We love the organic meats, vegetables and fruits. Now offering online shopping.



If a wholefood refillery exists, you should not be shopping for dry and refillable goods any other way. Zero waste and sustainable shopping could not be easier with this amazing store. All our spices, grains, nuts, flours, seeds, dried fruits, oils and even our cleaning liquids proudly come from Good For. The products are thoughtfully sourced with natural ingredients.



Our Cheesemonger Calum from Sabato is a legend! Cheese is at the heart of our grazing events. And supporting our New Zealand dairy farmers and cheese producers is most important to us. Sabato has an amazing collection of New Zealand cheeses that reflect geography, seasonality and the space we serve it in. It’s such a pleasure to go into the store to chat to Calum and pick-up our cheese.



Speciality meats - sustainably farmed - and with top quality taste are hard to find in New Zealand. But we found them, at Grey Lynn Butchers. They are butchers to some of the top restaurants in Auckland and after cooking with these meats - we can understand why. We love their no compromise commitment to quality and sustainable farming.



Hannah aka A Lady Butcher is a gem. She has a butchery and chef background. She started A Lady Butcher as a way to help farmers achieve total utilisation from their livestock. Also to give New Zealand a few more local alternatives to buying traditional charcuterie from overseas. The best part is her products are 100% New Zealand free range pork and beef. It has been sustainably and ethically raised without the use of growth hormones and on open pasture. And you can taste the difference - her meat selection is amazing! We are so proud to work with her and bring you the best in New Zealand charcuterie.



João especially feels close to home in this beautiful European Artisan bakery. You can find all sorts of unique breads here. Some of our favourites include the activated charcoal loaf and the tummeric loaf.



We love our local specialty breads from Wild Wheat bakery in Belmont. They do the best Kumera bread loaf! And their sandwiches are a perfect nibble before we get underway with an event. Thanks guys!



Lola is one of the family. Her eye for energy in moments is unlike anyone we have ever met. Her photography is art. And we are so lucky to have her art all over our Website, Instagram and Facebook. She is available to shoot your On Board Kitchen event and her prints are available to buy online.